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Hosting Services

Migrate to an Intelligent SAN Architecture

Truthsoft Hosting Services

Truthsoft offers special web hosting services on Secure Intel Xeon Dual Quad Core Dell Servers, with very suitable prices.
  • Our servers are operating by most modern Operating Systems (Linux and Windows) which are trustworthy by international companies.
  • We have variant hosting plans which are corresponding with all desires, so you can choose the suitable plan for your website.
  • Truthsoft warrants moving your website to our servers for FREE within short time.
  • Truthsoft warrants for you retrieving your money if you are not satisfied with our hosting services.
  • You can test our hosting services for 30 days before you pay, and TESTING is best ATTESTATION.
  • And we are fully confidently that you will join and continue with us.
  • We register free domain name with all hosting plans.


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