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About TruthSoft


TruthSoft is an IT Incorporation established in 2008, the company specialized and providing e-Business Services & Solutions in Hardware, Software, Security Systems and Web Applications, our strategy based on Professional Services and Solutions that allow us to provide to our clients with the best services in many business fields.


We help companies and businesses to use technology to serve their markets and refine and integrate their business processes. Combining extensive capabilities in technology with vast domain expertise, we deliver seamless solutions that help your business grow more effective. We manage the process and provide complete solutions for companies both medium and small. 


We are proud by serving more than 200 companies in all over the world by registered success stories such as Arabian Trading Supplies (ATS) and Saudi Bin Laden Group (



We manage the IT resources of existing companies to increase profitability, help launch new ones, and create personalized applications to suit your needs.

We lend our expertise in all areas of the IT world not only as professionals but also in other ways to build a long term relationship with our clients.



Our services are given to ensure that you get the   best without wastage of money. We integrate all aspects of IT thereby saving you costly time and energy on multiple help.

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